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Remember the snake game on your Nokia phone? We have come a long way since those old apps. Mobile Applications now control our lives. Many of us have started implementing mobile applications to simplify our work and businesses. From the time when it shaped a huge demand in the market, many businesses had to comprehensively invest in mobile app development to upsurge their capacity and bring new features.

Yet, in this uncertain time of the pandemic, mobile app development trends in 2022 are controversial. Every business irrespective of size is adapting mobile apps to stay ahead of the race of digital technology. As a versatile mobile app development company, Zangula has identified the technologies that are likely generate revenue through mobile apps.

As a matter of fact, mobile applications are not going to fall in the coming years, instead, these development trends might spread their new colors

IoT– the new age of mobile-connected smart objects

The word ‘smart things’ was initially created by comparatively advanced technology – the Internet of Things. Also identified as IoT, it is mainly a network of physical objects that are entrenched with sensors, electronics, and software which are all unified within the network itself. And a few of our recent IoT app development include Bscale and Galcon. The Internet of Things is perceived as a game-changing technology in mobile application development.

Geolocation-based apps

Incorporating real-time GPS tracking software into your mobile application is a predominant mobile app trend. Currently, you can serve your customers directly by mounting an on-demand app for your delivery business. These geolocation apps will help you deliver anything directly to your customer’s doorsteps. Delivery apps can increase user experience by updating clients where their delivery person is at the moment and how soon they will reach. In addition, geolocation-based apps are suitable in the automotive industry, travel, hospitality, and sports apps. We at Zangula, have developed geolocation apps such as Ideliver, Fuel Touch, DeliveryBox, etc

Cloud-integrated Mobile Apps

The world is now waking up to the benefits and features that the Cloud has to offer. Cloud technology plays a significant role in mobile app development services for various businesses. Cloud integration with mobile apps will make your app work flawlessly across multiple platforms. This technology also helps mobile apps store a vast amount of data and efficiently carry out difficult tasks. We help you to reduce costs in web hosting, improve loading capacity, and streamline business operations with the help of cloud-integrated mobile apps that we develop.

Wearables – future’s accessory

There is no disagreement with the fact that the market of wearable technologies is experiencing speedy growth. These days, the key control panel of any wearable device is the smartphone. There is not only an evident amount of assets appropriated to the wearable market but in the future, the word wearable mobile devices and mobile phones will turn to be just as excess as the word smartphone right now is.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

However, this is not a new app trend, the fact is that user experience through native apps is steadily losing favor. Whereas there will be experiences that only native apps can offer, hybrid apps will help save money and reduce the glitches of designing apps for many platforms. App developers will need to increase their arsenal to embrace hybrid development frameworks. React Native, which is used in major apps such as Facebook and Instagram, is driven by Java Script and is built on an open-source architecture

If you own a mobile app that is not efficient or updated with the latest trends, then your business will not be able to endure anymore. It is not necessary to implement all the above-mentioned trends in your mobile app, but you should be aware of which trend might benefit you to grow your business. It would be tough to recognize the exact benefits to your business of all these mobile app development trends, and if that is the case, just reach out to our expert. We at Zangula help you walk along with trends and offer customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities for businesses

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