Problem Statement

This is the very complex system of AI sensors who share the data like pulse, temp, respiration and the pet activity to the app and the AI of the app according to the data predicts various insights of the pet health. Pet’s mood, behaviour, panic and pain management is also depicting as an alarm or notification on an app.

So the issue is to create a very user friendly app which visualize the complex data in a very simple order and it’s easy for a per owner to understand his/her pet’s overall wellbeing.

Secondly as it’s a version 2.0 of the app we need to create much more intuitive and user friendly app and also give a world class experience in the new app.

Initial Challenges

Need to Release Version 2.0

PetPace Version 1.0 is already a successful launch and now there AI Sensors are upgraded and the PetPace collar is more advance and accurate in prediction so our major challenge is to understand the Version 1.0 and then to figure out new upgrades and make a world class solution for Version 2.0

Identify the pain points – of an existing App

When we thoroughly studied the app we found some UX issues like

  1. More scope of user friendliness
  2. Aesthetics should make it more technical then that of simple
  3. Simple and soothing design instead of technical looking design.
New Upgrades

The New Collar 2.0 are more advance and capable of analysing more diversified and accurate prediction regarding Pet’s Health Condition.

The new PetPace app 2.0 gives you an opportunity to follow your dog’s walking activity on a map using the PetPace map service. User now able to create different types of safe zones to be sure his/her pet is safe.

Now User can add to the app up to 4 pets and more than one collar.

Our Solution

Before working on the solution we will thoroughly studied our target users i.e. Pet lovers and the capabilities of the PetPace Collar and distribute our whole app into 5 major Categories…

  1. Smooth on-boarding – Assign & connect Collar
  2. Everyday Feeling & Condition to measure
  3. Maps & Insights
  4. Health Centre (Disease management.)
  5. Analytics of pet’s health
Working on the User flow & Journey mapping:

First we will start working on the initial user flow and journey to create a Smooth and Robust navigation for the User. As it comprises of too many features and also some paid features like Health Center (Disease Management System) which makes it more complex to remember each and every navigation link.
We distribute the user flow into footer icons which is used most frequently like

  1. Checking Alerts & Notifications
  2. Maps
  3. Health Center
  4. Checking Alerts & Notifications

Then we Create a complete App flow to create the whole App user journey. It helps us to analyze the navigation and then we were in the group of discussion and after a couple of reiterations, we are able to create a perfect user flow to move on.

Secondary Research:

Secondly we had started our secondary research after seeing the old version and some competitor apps on the internet.

Visual Designs

And once the base has been finalized then we will start working on the initial design of the Visual Designs.

From Wireframe to final Dashboard designs needs numerous discussion, user feedbacks, Iterations the above Dashboard design has been finalized consolidating major things a user needs on his dashboard every time
On-boarding and Collar connect
As the AI based collar is the soul of the whole system so connecting that collar with the app and assigning a pet to a collar is one of the way to enable the Petpace app system
Maps & Safe Zones
We can track, Locate & create a safe zone for our pet using maps feature. A safe zone is an area where the pet spends its time and is safe. We can identify and name that area like Home, Office, Park etc. and if your pet wanders outside of any Safezone the app alert us
Insights & Disease Management
The AI will process data and give meaningful insights, scores and Advance health management like Pet’s activity, sleep, feeling, positions, Pain (OA), and other diseases

Business Benefits & Conclusion

Petpace Version 2.0 is ready to be a personal assistant to the pet which will create a multi-lane connection between a Pet & the Pet owner. It provides a real time data of the Pet’s Health, Mood, Condition, Pain, Predictions by tracking continuously using the collar sensors. The UX & UI we have created for the App is the only source to connect and communicate with the AI based sensors.

We beautifully visualize the data in the form of Table, Maps, Emoji’s, Audio, Video Animation will engage the pet owner in such a way that he will not only love to spend time with our App but also endorse and recommend this amazing App hence eventually will increase sales.

Nothing is permanent and we are ready for this new launch and the feedback on the design to implement it in the new version.