A proxy server is a server or computer that sits between your PC and the server that you are trying to access. Proxy servers are used in tunneling through firewalls that act in defeating control access. There is no anonymous surfing since it is always tracked and logged with dates and time. All proxy data can be monitored, captured and analysed. Thus, it helps in preventing cyber attackers from entering a private network. A proxy server is simply a computer on the internet that has an IP address of its own

Using Proxy Server to Protect Web Privacy

Proxy server acts as a gateway between the user and its destination website. If you connect to a proxy server through the internet, the proxy server assigns a new IP address to the system. You might get an IP address of a different country where the website is not censored. As a result, this website ceases to deny access to that account. Most proxy servers provide an IP address with a relevant port for connection

VPN v/s Proxy

The VPN will be used to provide a tunnel connection between the end user(consumer) to the server to access the application. This kind of application will not be accessible via a public network.

For proxy cloud websites or proxy passes, the website is accessible on a public network, but the origin server will be hidden from the consumer or end user. Proxy acts as a layer between- the web and server where the web interacts with the proxy server. Hence the end users cannot access the actual IP but can only access the proxy server’s IP

Benefits of Proxy Service
  • Serves as an efficient firewall system
  • Filter content from third party websites allowing control over Internet usage
  • Stabilized speed of Internet
  • Provides privacy solution
  • Scalable globally at a reduced cost
  • Comprehensive secure architecture with great user experience
  • Hides the origin server from public network
  • Provides additional layer of security
Proxy and Network Security

Proxy provides a security layer to your system through web filters or firewalls protecting your system from internal threats. This also helps in filtering traffic according to its level of safety or traffic your network or individual computers can handle. However proxy can be used to accomplish certain tasks- Improves security by securing employee’s internet activity from people trying to poke on them. Controls the website employees and staff access in the office by balancing the internet traffic to prevent crashes. Saves bandwidth by compressing incoming traffic

Proxy to secure your application server reachability to hackers

Proxy can be used by end-users or network administrators to protect data and privacy since it observes the on-going and in-coming data. It prevents you from having to expose your digital address to the world and only the proxy's IP address is seen by hackers. Hence, people on the internet will not have direct access to your personal data, apps, files etc. Also if the server has encryption capabilities, passwords and other data is covered by an extra layer of protection.

Secure your Applications with Zangula

At Zangula, we use Cloudflare as a proxy network to manage DNS accounts. Our application 2Raffle is secured by Cloudflare so that a third party cannot access the correct IP of the server. Our application Empact uses Amazon Cloudfront that speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic content. We believe in adhering to the security norms of applications and deploy them according to the client’s requirements.

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