2022 – A cutting Edge Technology Era...

If you are not utilizing web/and mobile technology in 2022 to boost your business then you are still living in the dark age.
Technology has changed multifold in the last 3+ years as Corona has transformed people to become more expressive towards Web, Internet & Mobile than that of Physical presence.
If you are still using an old-fashioned website or an app which is not that interactive or unable to provide the 2022 cutting edge solutions then this is the right time to Upgrade or renovate into a new avatar and multifold your business.
Why use other websites to grow your business when you can have one of yours? We offer website building services in multiple fields as listed below

  • Consultation and medical services
  • Personal stylist services
  • Diet and workout monitoring
  • Online shopping
  • Data protection agency
  • SEO services
  • Online Language learning
  • Financial adviser/Investment consulting
  • Photo editing and graphic designing
  • Online travel agent
  • YouTube channel content
  • Online Auctions
  • Elderly online helper
  • IOS or Android app development
  • UX and UI
  • Private Facebook group
  • Influencer services

A website should also be flexible in terms of its payment options. If you still stick to the old method of card payment, you may lose your potential customers. We have experimented multiple solutions for a website such as Dormo Tech (to check sleep cycle) and 100 Histadrut for Dentistry in Israel which are health solution, Up Capital and Ecommin for finances/accounting, iSalary for HR services, Tri Logical Railways as an asset management solution for maintenance

Website rebuild services by Zangula

The staff at Zangula is experienced in providing website redesign services. We create attractive, user-friendly websites for business along with enhancing the brand strategy through-

Search Engine Optimization - If you are into business, you must be aware of SEO where quality and quantity of website traffic is improved from search engines. We enrich your web content with keywords and enhance ranking that inturn attracts more customers to your website

Marketing - Choosing the right type of content for your business is an art of its own kind. We come up with different types of content ranging from articles and blogs to documentation. We can help you with your digital marketing strategies which will ultimately reduce cost

Mobile Friendly - We make a user friendly website which makes it easy to use and mobile friendly

Appearance - Whether person or product, we are impressed with the appearance thereby creating a long lasting impression. Hence the website should look stunning yet easily navigable. Users are least interested in complex websites so your website should be simple and easy to browse.

Technical Aspect- A technically sound website has maximum chances to withstand in a competitive market. We use HTML and CSS to give your website a navigable and pleasing appearance for a good user experience. Also, technological terms rule the minds of web designers and they make use of them to make dynamic websites

Speed enhancement - Increased speed is an important factor that attracts customers. We ensure your website gets the maximum speed and customers get faster results.

To avail our services, contact us as soon as possible because our team members are ready to understand your requirements and suggest you the necessary website recreation methods. We also offer building a whole new website fully loaded with the latest technology and speed with an assurance to make you 100% satisfied with our services.

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