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Modern solutions are extremely inter-reliant and involve a constant flow of all kinds of data. Application programming interfaces (APIs) make systems and apps work together smoothly, securely, and reliably. Zangula has vast experience providing API integration and development services for software, websites applications, and third-party apps, through standard or custom APIs.

We can securely and seamlessly implement API or build a reliable custom API for your solution to alleviate redundancy, gaps, and potential overlaps that occur within the organization. Our API integration and development services augment solutions with the necessary features and functionality both on the cloud and on your corporate network.

Build Smarter,
Deploy Faster with API

Through API integration service and development service to third-party applications and websites, we empower clients in aligning business processes and attain better connectivity.

API integration services

API integration

API Integration Services

We have diverse expertise in handling multiple web API protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, JSON, REST, SOAP to name a few for executing API as a service. In simple terms, our API solution and service let you manage your custom APIs and interact with third-party APIs. Our highly skilled API developers always stick to standard security practices to make sure the API integration is safe and secured. Our API integration services allow the clients to enjoy features from external platforms that offer services like payment gateways, Social APIs, Analytics APIs (Google Analytics), and so on.

api development service

api development

API Development Service

If your business needs services that do not have an API available, our experts can assist you with custom API development services. Get the services you need in your software with only one custom API that provides the best and fastest solution. We integrate systems but also build dedicated APIs for web applications. We make connections between services for desktops, websites, mobile apps, controllers, and cloud platforms.

ERP Integration

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Cloud-based API Integration

Our developers build highly scalable cloud-based API integrations to offers a robust interface for emerging remote solutions across business applications.


Custom API Development

We assist businesses to align their workflows through our custom API integration services and accomplish enhanced connectivity between apps and websites.


Third-party API Integrations

We offer custom third-party API integration that improves efficiency and competence. Easily manage your custom APIs while interacting with third-party APIs.


Payment API Integration

We integrate your business website to a Payment gateway more securely and reliably. Our payment gateways, include PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, PayU, BillDesk, and CCAvenue.


Social Media API Integration

Boost the popularity of your websites with social media API integration services. Build your audience reach and social presence to connect to potential leads and raise your ROI.


API Testing Automation

We build automated tests to authenticate the accuracy and performance of APIs. We do CI/CD processes and automated testing to check APIs’ performance.


VOIP Integration

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analytics integration


Analytics Integration

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benefits of api

benefits of api

Benefits Of API Integration

At Zangula, we ensure that our team always matches your current requirements, performs well, and delivers consistent results. Our dedicated team of web and mobile developers has been helping startups across industries with their projects. We are well aware that the success of any dedicated development team relies on skills, abilities, and mindset. We gather best-in-class specialists around the awareness of building solid software. Pooled with professional management, we create an inspiring environment


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